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Target Treatments

Spa Packages

Elevate your massage by choosing from the following crafted experiences and take a moment to expand your breath, rejuvenate your body and find your center.

massage Irricana
Target Treatments

 Choose from these carefully constructed wellness Spa treatments addressing area specific issues.   Find balance by correcting and realigning energies.

massage Acme

Target Treatment  Head, Neck & Shoulders

Release stress, melt away daily tensions and aide in headache relief while improving sleep. Working thoroughly, starting with the upper back and neck, ending with scalp and face massage.  Hot stones, aromatherapy and delicate oils for the face are used.

30 minutes                                                                                     $60

Target Treatment  

Hip, Leg & Feet

Targeting the muscles in the hip, gluts, legs and feet, while utilizing cupping, hot and cold therapies and invigorating aromatherapy oils to melt away muscle tension and aide restoration to overworked muscles.


 45 minutes                                                                                  $80

Hot stone Acme
Massage Rocky View

Target Treatment

Full Back

Here we focus on the whole back incorporating hot and cold stones, cupping and aromatherapy oils to melt away tension and aid in restoring posture.


45 minutes                                                                                      $80

Target Treatment  Shoulder, Arm, Hand & Neck 

A remedy releasing all the built up tensions of the everyday.  Use of hot and cold therapies, including gua sha stones, soothing aromatherapy oils to calm and revive the mind, body and soul.  


45 minutes                                                                                  $80

Massage Therapy Keoma
Hot Stone Irricana

Target Treatment

Calf & Foot

Here we target the neglected feet and calves.  Beginning with an invigorating calf and foot scrub with ancient salts followed by a thorough treatment to the calves and feet using aromatherapy oils to soothe those tired achy feet!


30 minutes                                                                                     $60

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